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Katy Cole


Katy Cole
10 AM - 3 PM Monday - Saturday                                                                              

How long have you worked in radio?  
Off and on for about 38 years.  The first time on the radio was in high school at KANW!

Other jobs you’ve had?  
At New Mexico’s ABC affiliate KOAT-TV in the production department and newsroom, and as Audio Production Manager. Also Theme Days and Concessions Coordinator at the Biggest Show in NM -- The State Fair!  I’ve done voiceovers on many TV and radio commercials and presentations, locally as well as internationally.  I’ve played guitar and bass with Trio Bravo, and DJ’d many weddings and events through the years.   I would like to try my hand at bar tending, waiting tables and dealing blackjack someday!

Where are you from?  
Albuquerque, NM!  Definitely the Land of Enchantment.

Did you have a nickname as a kid?  

Favorite color?  
Purple… and turquoise too… together and separately!

Favorite things to eat?  
Just about anything with our NM green and/or red chile on it! Not a great fan of sushi, but getting better with it.  Lobster, crab and salmon are favorites.  

To drink?
I prefer Coca-Cola -- I like the taste and the fizz… but I rarely drink it!  Water with a few limes and a little ice is the best.  I also enjoy wine and beer (with lime) every now and then.!  And on a cool evening Decaf Earl Grey (again with lime).

Favorite movies and TV shows?
Bull Durham – SO many great life lessons in that movie – and humor too!  I really liked Eat, Pray, Love and the latest Bond film, Skyfall. I love CBS Sunday Morning and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Hobbies, pastimes and sports?
I love to chill in my hammock but haven’t done that in a while… I need to catch up on hammock time!  I’m interested in sports – especially baseball and going to my son’s college games. Listening to great live music and dancing is always a blast for me.

Who are your favorite Oasis artists?  
There are so many wonderful musicians making Oasis Music.  I’m a big fan of sax players Jessy J, Jeff Kashiwa and Kim Waters , guitarists George Benson, Joyce Cooling and Chuck Loeb, bass players Brian Bromberg and Victor Wooten, and Brazilian piano player/singer Eliane Elias.  Those are right off the top of my head, I have their music in my CD player and iPod along with Stevie Wonder and Sting!   

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
I’ve traveled a lot, but I would love to spend time near a warm white sandy beach -- a jazz cruise would be awesome too!     

Do you have pets?  
A super smart mutt pup named Buck.  I love Golden Retrievers and will have them again someday!  I also have four cats – all from feral cat moms.

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