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Steve Hibbard


Steve Hibbard   “The Oasis After Hours”
7 PM - 12 Midnight Sunday - Friday                                                                                                               

How long have you worked in radio?
All my life!  I started in radio during high school in South Carolina and then at the University of North Carolina.  After several stations in the Southeast, I headed to Dallas and entered the radio program syndication business.  That was back when vinyl and tape were the state of the art!

Other jobs you’ve had?
I first came to New Mexico in 1986 with Drake-Chenault Programming Services and started working in contemporary jazz. In 1990 I returned to local radio, including KLSK and KMGA.  In ’95 Oasis General Manager Don Davis and I put the original Horizon together, and a year later I went to Jones Radio Networks in Denver and programmed their national Smooth Jazz format for 13 years.  Then in late 2011 I joined the Oasis and began putting together the music.

Where are you from?
I grew up near Hartford, Connecticut, and then moved to the South during high school.

Favorite things to eat?
I love New Mexican, Italian, Thai and Indian food, fish… and salads.  Also a bit of a sweet tooth.

To drink?
Hooked on pure pomegranate juice with sparkling water.  I enjoy wines, and couldn’t imagine starting the day without my pot of fresh-ground coffee.

Favorite TV shows and movies?
Like to catch at least the first part of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  For serious news it’s Fareed Zakaria.  Judging Amy was a great series.  Star Trek always .  For more comedy -- anything with Betty White!  My movie list might start with Young Frankenstein.   

Hobbies and pastimes?
After time on the computer and previewing music for the Oasis, I want to be outdoors! -- hiking, gardening, camping, cycling or just enjoying nature.

Who are your favorite Oasis artists?  
They include guitarists like Pat Metheny, Joyce Cooling, Lee Ritenour, Chieli Minucci and Acoustic Alchemy.  Also Najee, Jeff Lorber, Gregg Karukas.  Vocalists like Patti Austin, Luther Vandross and Brenda Russell.

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
I grew up boating in New England, but I haven’t lived near the sea for many decades.  So take me to the ocean!  Preferably a warm spot with palm trees.

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